Hello! I'm Steph Ramos, a character designer and 2D artist based in London. I’m passionate about storytelling and visual narrative, as well as creating characters that are both unique but also relatable. I like to use digital illustration as a medium, as I enjoy drawing since it is my own way to interpret different briefs; I’m driven by the ever-changing world around us, and how there is always a new story to tell or a different way to tell the same story, and so new characters to create. My inspiration comes from playing video games, since I have done so as a child I have always appreciated the types of different stories they can tell and the many perspectives we as the audience are offered, as well as the many fantastical elements often used in games. I am proficient in using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro, as well as Procreate, Clip Studio Paint and Aseprite. I look forward to working with you!